Things To Be Happy About #10

Er lenge siden jeg har satt meg ned med min kjære bok, så her kommer noen søte ting i hverdagen vi gjerne glemmer.


– Not paying attention to stupid questions

– Nothing making more sense in the summer than forgetting to be sensible

– A three-year-old’s imagination

– Eating over at someone’s house

– Giving thanks for what we have

– Having a picnic on the living room floor

– Strawberry Champagne

– Luxurating in an unhurried morning bath

– Trying to wash stuffed animals

– Boy’s giant sweaters

– Tucking something special, like a little note, into a lunch box, briefcase, pocket, or purse

– Sketching in a field

– The place where one sock in every laundry load disappears to

– Whipped cream and strawberries

– The smell of the sea

– Summer school breaks

– Dining by the window

– Goodnights

– Being told you’re dazzling

– Visiting the playgrounds that hold special meaning


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